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  • GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac

    GMX-PhotoPainter is a standalone application that transforms a digital photo into an original artwork . The painting process is "guided" by GMX-PhotoPainter. GMX will help the user to choose the Brush Color and brush orientation.
  • Color Splash Pro for Mac

    Color Splash Pro provies an simple and convenient way to splsah color on photo. You can instantly convert colorful photo to grayscale but details remain. Or you can have specific ereas colored to stand out the certain parts of an image.
  • Collage Maker for Mac

    Collage Maker is a powerful and easy to use piece of collage software designed to help make photo collage and scrapbook layouts with a few clicks. With Collage Maker, you can turn ordinary digital pictures into personalized works of art quickly. Collage Maker provides a unique way to pr
  • PicSketch for Mac

    PicSketch is a sketch software for Mac, with which anyone can easily turn photo to sketch in just a few mouse clicks.
  • PhotoMagic Pro for Mac

    Created with a huage light effects and filter effects, PhotoMagic is designed for photo enhancement in an aesthetical way. With the picture software, you will find you can also be an artist to enhance picture in Spotlight, Magic Flare, Point Light, Retro style.
  • iGreetingCard for Mac

    iGreetingCard is exclusively designed to make photo greeting cards on holidays and special occasions. Coverd with a rich library of themes and templates, the greeting card software is sure to be a great assistant to send best with to friends and family.
  • Email Extracteur Pro

    EMAIL Extractor pro is a powerful tool which allows to extract e-mail addresses since every type(chap) of sources(springs) of text as for example since your files text, web pages either simply since text stuck since doors-papers. A Mode navigation interns also allows you d to extract the email addresses of the Web
  • PicShrink

    Compress and edit your digital photos for web design, e-Mails and presentations easily.
  • PowerShrink

    Compress images and photos. Optimize PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF files by 50-98% without zipping.
  • MagiCapture

    MagiCapture takes screen capturing to a whole new level. Make screenshots and upload them to the web or ftp or send them to your friends instantly.
  • Resize Sense

    VeprIT Resize Sense is a flexible batch image resizer for Mac OS with various resizing options suitable for any need. It stands out from other batch image resizers with the following distinctive features:
  • ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition Single Server 200

    ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition Single Server 200
  • Winwatch

    Winwatch allows you to monitor your computer when you are absent, it is completely invisible and records in a log file all actions , web addresses visited , keystrokes during your absence . Very easy to use , the grip is almost immediately thanks to its simple interface and very intuitive .