5 EASY Climbing Hacks to climb harder | Climbing Training Tips

Boost your climbing instantly with these easy climbing hacks! Here’s some simple climbing training tips to help you climb harder fast. So if you’re looking for the perfect dyno technique, tricks to improve grip strength, or simply how to heel hook properly - You're on the right video!

Robbie Phillips talks through some climbing tips and tricks for beginner climbers, climbing advice for intermediate climbers, and some advanced climbing techniques.

Follow Robbie Phillips, pro rock climber, and Culann O Brien, Filmmaker, on ridiculous climbing adventures. From van life and travelling to wild places like Yosemite and Pakistan, to indoor climbing training in the climbing gym. All craic, no crap – it’s just pure unadulterated climbing!

Time Stamps
Intro 0:00
Hack 1 The Sticky Heelcam 0:50
Hack 2 The Vice Grip 3:16
Hack 3 Kneebar (Cheeky!) 5:03
Hack 4 Secret Quarter Crimp 8:57
Hack 5 Dyno Higher! 12:10 "

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