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यदि Asteroid धरती पर गिरा तो NASA उसे ऐसे खत्म करेगा | NASA's Plan to Save the Earth From Asteroid !

यदि Asteroid धरती पर गिरा तो NASA उसे ऐसे खत्म करेगा | NASA's Plan to Save the Earth From Asteroid !
Hello dosto aaj ke is video me ham janne waale hai hmare solar system me stith un chote chote pindo ke baare me jo nirantar graho ke tarah hi suraj kaa chakkar kaat te hai lekin aaj se karib 65 million saal pehle inhi me se ek 10 km chode pind ne dharati ke plants and animals ke lagbhag 75% species ko nasht kar diyaa thaa es empact ko kha jata hai "The Cretaceous- paleogne extinction event" or es ghatna ke bad se lekar aaj tak hamari dharti pr esi ghatna nhi hui hai lekin scientists ka kahana hai ki bavishya me esa jarur ho sakta hai to kyaa ham aise kisi event se khud ko bachaa sakte hai kyaa ham kisi asteroid impact ko rok sakte hai janenge aaj ke is video me to video ko last tak jarur dekhna !!

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Composed By Ender Güney
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