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Bike Racing Games - Riptide Motorbike GP Racing 3D - Gameplay Android free games

Riptide Motorbike GP Racing 3D
by Life Sim Games
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Bike Racing Games android free games.
What time is now? It’s time to look into the future of bike racing! Join most impressive sports bike racing contest you’ve ever seen with Riptide Motorbike GP Racing 3D!

Do you know what is the ‘Riptide’? You can think that it is a massive wave of ocean water crashing all on its way or even giant human-like battle robot with ion cannon – but you’d be wrong! ‘Riptide’ is the absolutely new pattern of racing bike – swift, furious, bright and power-fueled! Start the engine of that mighty machine of speed and fury and be ready for the most thrilling ride in your life!

Experience the thrill of handling a mighty futuristic bike! Earn money for well-executed tricks or just win every time to buy upgrades, power-ups or new bikes – improved types of ‘Riptide’ bike!

Check two game modes – contest mode, where you should compete with other racers; and time racing mode, where you ride free collecting time bonuses and earning points.

Tired of usual driving simulators? Like games ‘bout moto racing or bike stunts? Try Riptide Motorbike GP Racing 3D – and test the mighty bike from near future! "

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