How to Repair Apple MagSafe Power Cord without damaging Power Brick DIY CHEAP and LOOKS GOOD

You will need only some shrinking tube, scissors, a knife, some rounded tools, hot air, and patience. Shrinking tube:
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CA (paid link):
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DE (paid link):

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How to #Repair #Apple #MagSafe #PowerCord without damaging Power Brick #DIY CHEAP and LOOKS GOOD

Good luck!

0:00 how to fix apple charger wire with heat shrinking tube
0:09 measuring the cable
0:18 specification of the heat shrinking tube
0:24 cutting the rubber cable (Warning! Do not damage the electrical conductivity)
0:57 scrubbing the cable with fingers (cleaning without liquid clearers or tools, so diyish)
1:19 cutting the proper length of the tubing
1:21 DIY tools
1:35 stretching the tube to the diameter of a MagSafe plug
3:04 cutting the proper length of the tubing
3:26 application of a tubing
3:45 adjusting the length of the rubber cable (minor adjustment)
4:02 application of heat shrinking tube in the damaged area and heating the tube
4:37 adjusting the finished look
4:40 repair is done
4:43 it works perfectly

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