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How to Upload to FTP Server (with and without third-party software)

In this tutorial we will guide you how to upload to FTP Server.

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Step 1 -- The Map Network Drive option
For that, open up My Computer and click on the map Network Drive option on top.
Step 2 -- Connecting to a website
As a result the network drive wizard will open up. Over here, click on the option bellow which says "connect to a web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures".
Step 3 -- Network location wizard
Next, the Add Network Location window will open up. Here, in the welcome screen simply click on the Next button to move on with the process.
Step 4 -- Specifying the location of the FTP server
In the next window, click on the" choose a custom network location" option and specify the address of your FTP server over here.
Step 5 -- Specifying the username and password
In the next window, let's uncheck the "Log on anonymously" option and enter the user name which we will be logging in as.
Step 6 -- Naming the location
With that done, you can name your network location and move on with the process.
Step 7 -- Confirmation window
And that's it. The network drive will be now created and you can hit the finish button to close the wizard.
Step 8 -- Logging into the FTP server
With that done, the ftp server will automatically open up in a new window. A pop up window will open up where you will be required to enter the username and password. Once done, click on the Log On button.
Step 9 -- Uploading through the windows explorer
Now that you have successfully logged in, all you need to do to upload to FTP server is to simply copy and paste them over here. For example, let's drag a folder inside the ftp server's public folder. By doing so, you will be copying that folder and uploading it to your ftp server.
Step 10 -- Your ftp server in My Computer
Now let's close the ftp window and move back to my computer. Over here, you will notice that your Ftp Server location has mounted in the Network Location section. Now you can easily access your FTP server from My Computer only. All you have to do is double click on its icon over here and it will open up the FTP server.
Step 11 -- Using Filezilla's Quick Connect Feature
Alternatively, you can even use various third party ftp applications for uploading files to your FTP server. Once such example is Filezilla, which is a lightweight ftp client capable of securely transferring files both via SSL and TLS protocols. It has a very easy user interface. You can download the application from
Once downloaded and installed, let's run the program. Over here, at the top you will see the quick connect bar. All you have to do is enter your hostname, username, password and the port number. The hostname can differ from your website domain, so it's important to get that checked from the hosting company. The port default port number used for establishing an ftp connection is 21. Once you hit the quick connect button, it will automatically connect to your ftp server.
Step 12 -- Browsing through the application
On the right hand site you have the remote site, the ftp server that you are connecting to. On the left side, you have your local hard disk. You can navigate around your ftp server and your hard drive from the browsing windows here.
Step 13 -- Using the Site Manager Feature
Now let's disconnect the session for now. If you frequently use an ftp server, it's best to store all the details required for the connection. For that, move to the File menu and click on the Site Manager option.
Step 14 -- Adding a website to Filezilla
Over here, click on the New Site option below and let's start adding the details for the Ftp Server, starting by giving a name to this site. After that you can input the rest of the details, like the host name and the port number.
Move to the Logon Types option and you will see a number of options there. If you don't want the application to store your password, click on the Ask for password option. After that, let's enter the username and click on Ok.
Step 15 -- Accessing the FTP server through the Site Manager
Now if we open the Site Manager drop down menu here, you can see that the website we just added is stored here. If you click on the website, it will start establishing a connection and you would be prompted for the password.
Let's enter the password here and there you can see that the connection has been successfully established.
Step 16 -- Uploading a file through Filezilla
Now let's browse through the hard drive and locate the file that we want to upload. Next, we will upload this image here to the ftp server. For that, simply drag and drop the image to the ftp browser window. "

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