Infinity Cutting Tools - Sandpaper Sharpening System (100-SSS)

Infinity Cutting Tools - Sandpaper Sharpening System (100-SSS)
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Our "Scary Sharp" honing package includes everything you need to get razor-sharp edges on your chisels and plane irons without breaking the bank. The kit includes our easy-to-use honing guide ( and our setup jig ( for setting consistent bevel angles. You also get two sheets of our high-quality Mirka wet/dry sandpaper in nine different grits from 220-grit through 2500-grit. (

The only other supplies you need are a flat surface for mounting the sandpaper sheets. We recommend plate glass or granite tile from the home center. We like to use spray adhesive to mount the sandpaper but a few drops of water will also do the trick. You can use the sandpaper dry but we keep a spray bottle of water handy to add some lubrication to the paper during the honing process.

Features Include:
•High-quality Mirka Wet/Dry Sandpaper in 9 grits (102-200)
•Easy-to-use Vice-Style Honing Guide (100-005) for fast setup
•Durable Honing Guide Setup Jig (100-007) for setting consistent primary and secondary bevel angles

Uses in your shop:
•Flattening the backs of plane irons and chisels
•Sharpening chisels to an ultra-sharp edge
•Honing plane irons for whisper-thin shavings "
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