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Letting My Apple Watch Control My Calories for 48 HOURS | OMAD + Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

Most of you know that I'm obsessed with my Apple Watch! I never take it off. I only use it to track my 10,000 steps daily but I've been asked very often how accurate is the calorie tracker? So in today's video, we're going to find out! For the next 48 hours I track all of my activity on the apple watch. Whenever I run, walk, lift weights, you name it, I turn my apple watch on.

Day 1 I try doing OMAD (one meal a day) where I make an epic chipotle bowl at the end of the day. Day 2 I eat as I go and try Popeye's chicken for the first time. It didn't disappoint!

Hope you enjoy the video! Thanks for watching!

Chipotle Barbacoa Recipe:


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