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Van Tour | 2019 Sprinter Conversion, Full Shower, Kitchen, Garage, & Open Concept

Hi Friends! Take a look inside our van (Lin Vanuel) in our Van Tour video!

In July 2019, we purchased a new, 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van (High Roof, 170”, 2500, i4 Gas 9-Speed Turbo Engine). We finished converting it in January 2020, and have hit the open road traveling full time!

BUILDER: Huge thanks to Frank Design Company for bringing our vision to life with this amazing build.

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For our full(ish) list of ITEMS USED IN OUR BUILD, click this link!

Here are highlights from each section:

Fridge -
Countertop -
Sink -
Drain -
Faucet -
Soap Dispenser -
Tile Stickers -
Sink Drawer Flip Out Tray -
Sink Drawer Hinges -
Magnet Door Catches -
Upper Cabinet Hinges -
Hardware -
Pot -
Pan -
Toaster Oven -
Induction Cooktop -
Fire Extinguisher -
Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector -

Nature's Head Composting Toilet -
Shower Door -
Shower Pan -
Shower Drain -
Shower Head -
Shower Mount -
Shower Handle -
Shower Hose -

Mattress -
Pillows -

Bench Cushion -
Fabric -
Headliner Shelf Brackets -
Closet Drawer Slides -
Side Windows -
Rear Windows -
Maxx Air Deluxe Fan -
Exterior Shower -
Hose -
Filter -

Fresh Water Tank -
Grey Water Tank -
Electric Hot Water Heater -
Water Pump -
Accumulator Tank -
Fresh Water Sensor -
Grey Water Sensor -
Fresh Water Gauge -
Grey Water Gauge -
HEPVO Shower Trap -
Sink Trap -

Batteries -
Inverter / Charger -
Solar Panels -
Solar Cables -
Ctek Management System -
AC Panel -
DC Panel -
Victron Battery Monitor -
Battery Wires -
Shore Power Cord -
Shore Power Adaptor -
WeBoost -

Sound Deadening -
Wool Insulation -
Under Floor Heating -
Garage Floor -
Flooring -
Ceiling -


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